Linguistics and Literature

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Humanidades con mención en Lingüística y Literatura, Licenciado en Lingüística y Literatura con mención en Literatura Hispánica, Licenciado en Lingüística y Literatura con mención en Lingüística
  • Duration: 10 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Letras y Ciencias Humanas

Linguistics and literature share as the subject matter the manifestations of the language as a representation and expression system. Based on this, linguistics is involved in analyzing the language structure, studying its historical evolution and observing the relations between language and society. Literature is involved in the creative mechanisms that allow the usage of the language having  an aesthetic goal, the formation of discursive traditions and the social place of the literary work.

Based on this Peruvian cultural and linguistic particularity, the program focuses, on the one hand, on the study of Spanish language (specifically Peruvian Spanish) as well as Andean and Amazonian, and on the other hand, on the study of literary theory and the Hispanic American and Peruvian literature from  colonial times, 19th century and contemporary times.

Campo laboral

  • Docencia en universidades y otras instituciones educativas
  • Investigación en universidades e institutos especializados
  • Consultoría sobre temas lingüísticos y culturales
  • Edición de textos
  • Periodismo cultural