Industrial Design

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Arte con Mención en Diseño Industrial, Licenciado en Arte con Mención en Diseño Industrial
  • Duration: 10 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Arte y Diseño

Industrial Design is a creative professional activity which contributes to the development of our country. It creates new concepts of industrial products to solve the form-function relations, as well as to optimize their usability, function, production, sustainability, sale and distribution.

It was originated as a response to the dehumanization of products which emerged during the Industrial Revolution. It incorporates aesthetic, physical ergonomic and technical qualities to the products in order to improve the quality of life of people and the competitiveness of the companies in our country.

The Program of Industrial Design at PUCP trains professional industrial designers using a methodology based on defining and developing the product until it reaches the prototype stage.  Upon completion of this program, you will be able to conduct research to solve different problems in all types of mass production.