Early Childhood Education

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Educación, Licenciado en Educación con especialidad en Educación Inicial, Licenciado en Educación con especialidad en Educación Primaria (con un año más de estudio)
  • Duration: 10 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Educación

First years of life are crucial for every human being, for that reason, an adequate teaching participation is essential to ensure the comprehensive development of children.

The Academic Program of Early Childhood Education has been designed for young students who show initiative, responsibility, creativity and enjoy playing and working with little kids; likewise, they need to be aware of their needs and capable of creating original learning opportunities to develop children’s enormous potential.

The School of Education trains teachers capable of improving teaching methods based on intercultural and interdisciplinary academic training, as well as ethical principles inspired on the human and social commitment which leads to a better quality of education in the country.