Geography and the Environment

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Humanidades con mención en Geografía y Medio Ambiente, Licenciado en Geografía y Medio Ambiente
  • Duration: 10 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Letras y Ciencias Humanas

Geography is a science devoted to the study and description of the biophysical, socioeconomic and political phenomena that take place on the surface of the planet. It emphasizes the interaction among these phenomena, mainly their location and distribution, with the aim to understand territorial dynamics, current management methods, environmental impact and reverse the negative processes in order to achieve sustainable development. Geography offers new geospatial analysis techniques, being the most significant: field data survey, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, global positioning system (GPS) and modeling.

As a geographer, thanks to your knowledge of the territory, you will contribute to the national, regional and local development based on the development of land management plans, integrated plans of water resources management, disaster risk management plans and environmental management plans, among other actions.

Geography and the EnvironmentGeography and the Environment
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