• Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Arte con mención en Escultura, Licenciado en Arte con mención en Escultura
  • Duration: 12 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Arte y Diseño

The Sculpture program is aimed at training dynamic and sensitive sculptors committed to the community, who can contribute creatively with innovative proposals capable of transforming positively the territorial, cultural and social context.

Creativity and curiosity are the main values which will be progressively enhanced so that you are able to express your ideas freely. Thanks to the generation of dynamic spaces for dialogue and commitment to  work, you will develop your creativity and improve your critical thinking skills, which will promote an ethical posture in the world.

The academic training of sculpture is based on plastic arts fundamentals such as  volume, shape, rhythm, directions as well as the internal and external space; we also work on different materials such as wood, plaster, clay, natural materials, resin, latex, recycled elements, among others. Throughout the training, you will experience working on varied exercises such as the human figure modelling and its interpretation, the shapes of nature and their development, as well as the analysis of sculptural languages in art history in order to acquire greater resources and knowledge needed to develop meaningful artistic proposals.

You will also be able to face the challenge to get involved in cultural, artistic and interdisciplinary projects in the urban space or others where you will contribute creatively with awareness and flexibility, reinforcing your capacity for dialogue and coexistence within the context where you work.