Art, Fashion and Textile Design

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Arte, Moda y Diseño Textil, Licenciado en Arte, Moda y Diseño Textil
  • Duration: 10 semestre
  • On: Facultad de Arte y Diseño

The academic program of Art, Fashion and Textile design develops a holistic vision about the creation, dissemination and management of design and fashion, exploring its cultural, strategic, creative and communicative components based on a significant proposal to appreciate the Peruvian Heritage of textiles, clothing and accessories.

Research, design and art are involved with creative experiments as well as with fashion industry technologies and techniques through theoretical applied lessons, workshops and laboratories.

The academic training has an artistic foundation, essential for the creative development which is developed during the first two years. The following three years are aimed at the specialization of the textile design, clothing design, fashion collection design, communication and management.

(*) The licensing  is still in process at SUNEDU.