Geological Engineering

  • Degrees and Titles: Bachiller en Ciencias con mención en Geología, Título profesional de Ingeniero Geólogo
  • Duration: 10 semestres
  • On: Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería

PUCP considers as an opportunity and assumes as a great responsibility to provide the Peruvian professional market with graduates who have received a solid university academic training based on ethical principles, allowing a greater approach to the mining industry. This is the goal of this new academic program, which is characterized by high academic standards based on the solid support provided by the Mining Engineering Program.

Therefore, we offer the high quality academic program of geological Engineering which involves solid basic education, a significant component of practical experience in the field,  comprehensive internationalization and meeting the market demand of the following years, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Campo Laboral

  • Centros de investigación geológica
  • Empresas mineras
  • Organismos estatales dedicados a la prospección o explotación de recursos naturales
  • Oficinas de planificación, etc.