Academic Programs


The business world demands professionals in accounting who possess solid competences related to the organization, analysis and management of financial information, which is crucial to make entrepreneurial decisions. At PUCP, based on a humanistic, ethical and multidisciplinary perspective, we have taken the challenge to train accountants who can perform competitively in top level companies, both national and international, or to work  leading their own companies.

En Facultad de Ciencias Contables


As a publicist from PUCP, you will be able to create and execute marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as to research and observe trends and processes originating innovation and new resources in the areas of planning, management and broadcast technology.

En Facultad de Ciencias y Artes de la Comunicación


Anthropology studies the diversity of human cultures and their particularities. It focuses on the processes of mutual interaction and gathering in which ways of thinking, cultural and social practices, as well as different ways of organization are shaped.

En Facultad de Ciencias Sociales


Peru guards in its territory multiple vestiges of one of the six civilizations which originated the current development of humankind. This heritage, together with several breathtaking landscapes and an amazing diversity of ecosystems, constitutes an important advantage over other countries in the continent.

En Facultad de Letras y Ciencias Humanas


If you want to become a professional architect, at PUCP you will get a thorough academic training based on humanistic and scientific education, integrated with the experience of the architectural project, the study of our physical space, the society and the contemporary culture.

En Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Art Education

Art Education promotes the analysis of cultural context reflected in audiovisual products and images, it develops skills to manage educational projects for different work spaces, such as museums, local development projects (NGO and public sector), schools and community art projects.

En Facultad de Arte y Diseño

Art, Fashion and Textile Design

The academic program of Art, Fashion and Textile design develops a holistic vision about the creation, dissemination and management of design and fashion, exploring its cultural, strategic, creative and communicative components based on a significant proposal to appreciate the Peruvian Heritage of textiles, clothing and accessories.

En Facultad de Arte y Diseño

Audiovisual Communication

An audiovisual communicator plans, structures and develops products having a creative, aesthetic and technological perspective, expressing them through images and sounds. To this end, the communicator integrates the usage of audiovisual languages, aesthetic appreciation and knowledge of narrative structures.

En Facultad de Ciencias y Artes de la Comunicación