Academic Programs


Our graduates are recognized due to their strategic vision, the management of exceptional operational skills aimed at the achievement of results, a strong commitment to the country and their entrepreneurial attitude.

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Upon completion of the program, you will be able to perform as a mathematician, professor or researcher applying your knowledge in the industry. Other possible organizations which employ mathematicians are universities, research institutes, industries and companies from different fields such as engineering, administration, information technology, banking and insurance.

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineer is in charge of the conception, design, manufacture, maintenance, control and management of machinery, equipment and industrial facilities in general. The engineer’s role is to develop and apply adequate and competitive technologies in the industry.

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Mechatronics Engineering

En un mundo globalizado, el conocimiento científico y tecnológico traspasa todas las fronteras. Para ser competitivo, nuestro país debe invertir en la creación, manejo, desarrollo y difusión de este conocimiento.

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Mining Engineering

Since Peru is a privileged country in mineral resources, its mining industry has great importance thanks to its contribution to the national economy. At PUCP, you will be provided with a solid foundation of technical and scientific knowledge, as well as a social and ethical education committed to the environment, ecology and society. You will also learn the art and science of extraction processes of metallic and nonmetallic resources from the earth’s crust.

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In the School of Performing Arts, we promote and respect creative freedom and cultural diversity, which will let you choose freely the music forms and styles you want to develop professionally.

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