Academic Programs


The Sculpture program is aimed at training dynamic and sensitive sculptors committed to the community, who can contribute creatively with innovative proposals capable of transforming positively the territorial, cultural and social context.

En Facultad de Arte y Diseño

Secondary Education

This program trains competent professionals in the design, execution and evaluation of the learning process, able to create meaningful educational experiences, being respectful of the Peruvian adolescents rights, characteristics, interests and needs in the global context.

En Facultad de Educación


In a country with deep ethnic and social gaps, Sociology gains special importance. This is a discipline that studies relationships between people and social groups, as well as dynamics and structure of societies and changing processes in everyday life, in the culture and in the institutions. For that reason, deep knowledge of the national reality, existing tensions and conflicts, as well as globalization challenges are the main subjects of interest for sociologists.

En Facultad de Ciencias Sociales


It is the science and art of interpreting data with the aim of providing theory and methods to extract its information and solve real world problems. Statistics is used to support the decisions made in governments, political parties, financial companies, public opinion companies, insurance companies, banks, hospitals, social organizations and industries.

En Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería