Academic Programs

Industrial Design

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to conduct research to solve different problems in all types of mass production.

En Facultad de Arte y Diseño

Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineer is responsible for the design, implementation, management, optimization and direction of goods and service production systems. To that end, the industrial engineer administers different resources such as people, materials, equipment, energy, technology and information, with the aim of providing a better quality of life to the society.

En Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería

Informatics Engineering

As an informatics engineer you will develop different solutions needed to automate information based on solid scientific and technological foundations, internationally recognized. Moreover, you will carry out activities of high level abstraction such as analysis and design, as well as great responsibility tasks such as management of projects and technologies.

En Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería

Information Science

The academic program of Information Science trains professionals capable of managing information strategically in order to make decisions. Upon completion of the program, you will develop your skills to manage and design information services, as well as to use  technology as an essential tool.

En Facultad de Letras y Ciencias Humanas