Gallery of Presidents

Monsignor Pedro Pablo Drinot

The second president of our university, then known as Universidad Católica del Perú, Monsignor Pedro Pablo Drinot was auxiliary bishop of Lima after having been bishop of Huánuco. In 1921, he was invited to teach Ecclesiastical Law. In 1922, he also taught Apologetics.

In 1924, Monsignor Drinot was one of the members of the Superior Council of this new university, when Rev. Father Dintilhac’s resignation forced an election in June 1924.  In January 1925, Monsignor Drinot had to leave his duties due to health issues, which led to the return of Rev. Father Dintilhac.

Dedicated to teaching since he started the ecclesiastical life, Monsignor Drinot was a member of the Order of the Sacred Hearts, like Father Dintilhac. Although his contact with teaching was brief, and his term as president at our university was indeed the shortest, he also represents the traditional figure of professor-president. This tradition has been an integral and inherent part of PUCP throughout its institutional life.