Gallery of Presidents

Engineer Hugo Sarabia Swett

Term: 1989-1994
Engineer Hugo Sarabia Swett

Hugo Sarabia Swett, civil engineer with a master’s degree in mathematics, was president of PUCP during some of the most difficult years in the recent history of our country. He knew how to maintain peace and order within this university without major problems.

Eng. Sarabia completed all his studies at PUCP. He graduated in 1954 to become Head of Practice of Geometry and Calculus in 1956, and Adjunct Professor of Infinitesimal Calculus in 1958. By 1963, he was one of the first three full time professors in Engineering. Since then, he has devoted himself to university work almost exclusively.

In 1968, in order to strengthen the faculty in mathematics and civil engineering, Eng. Hugo Sarabia Swett studied a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. When he returned in 1970, he was elected Head of the Department of Science.

In 1973, he was commissioned by the Office of Faculty Academic Regime, preceding the current Academic Office of Faculty; he held this position until 1977, when he was elected vice-president together with PhD José Tola Pasquel. He was re-elected in 1984.

At the end of PhD Tola’s term, Eng. Sarabia was elected president for the 1989-1994 term by the University Assembly. Among his most important achievements there is the construction and commissioning of The Cultural Center PUCP, located in San Isidro district. After his term as president, he continued teaching.

His book, “Introduction to analysis” co-authored with Carlos Véliz, has been a basic reference text for students of mathematics both at PUCP and other universities in Peru in its three editions.