Tuition fees systems

How is the payment category determined?

First, we aim to determine every family’s spending capacity in education; therefore, our university has a Social Support Office which depends on the Student Affairs Office. The aforementioned office is composed of a team of social workers specialized in evaluating a family’s socioeconomic condition.

The level in the Tuition fees Category is set considering two aspects:

  • The family’s socioeconomic condition.
  • The university’s sponsorships capacity.

Classification process of new students in the tuition fees category

One of the aspects to consider is the school of origin, but the category is not determined according to the school of origin but to the validation of the family socioeconomic information.

Therefore, immediately after the admission results are published, the family of the recently admitted student who wishes to request a subsidy shall register their socioeconomic information on the Affidavit found at our Campus Virtual, which must be printed for the interview.

Requested documents

All documents are for personal use. You only need to process the Public Registrar paperwork, which needs to be done in advance.

Family income

  • Income Tax Affidavit of the two (2) preceding years. Certificate of Remunerations and Tax withholding (4th and 5th category) pertaining to the two previous years.
  • Parents (father and mother) pay stubs corresponding to the three (3) previous months. If necessary, attach retirement pension ballots, invoice for services, remittances, CAFAE*, Aetas*, Bonus and profit sharing report
  • Updated report of Receipts for fees corresponding to the six (6) preceding months.
  • Annual Income Tax Affidavit corresponding to the last two years.

NOTE :  If you are registered at SUNAT (National Superintendency of Tax Administration), with a Unique taxpayer registry (RUC) as individual or legal entity, and has not used it in recent years, you must request SUNAT the “Extracto de presentaciones y pagos de ese RUC” (RUC pay statement) which will be used to verify your information.


  • Document: “Búsqueda de índice” (Property Search) and “Registro de Predios” (Property Registry) issued by the National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP) or the place of residence of both parents and the Affidavit of self-appraisal pertaining to each property (Property Tax Certificate – Forms HR  and PU). If you rent, attach the lease agreement and/or lease receipt.
  • A nationwide Vehicle registration certificate from both parents.

Business / commercial activity

In case of commercial activity, Income Tax Affidavit of the company(ies), RUC and/or RUS (Simplified Unique taxpayer Registry) “Information Registry Report”, General Sales Tax (IGV, for its Spanish acronym), Employee Affidavit submitted to ESSALUD (Public Health Insurance System) or payment of RUS from the last three months, as appropriate.

Expenses in Education and other basic services.

  • Latest payment voucher of school of origin.
  • Report of siblings’ tuition fees from educational centers (schools, universities, institutes, etc.). In case they study in public centers, you must attach the enrollment record.
  • Latest electricity, water, phone and cable bill.

Other documents

  • Printed version of family affidavit filled out online immediately after your son or daughter’s admission to university.
  • Copies of National Identity Cards (DNI) of both parents.

If there is a special problem affecting family economy, attach documents certifying that situation (divorce sentence, personal immigration entry/exit record, certificate of termination of employment, social benefits payment and severance payment (CTS).

Later on, according to each case, the university might request additional information deemed necessary.

In order to assign categories consistently, the university has foreseen cross-referencing information submitted by the student and his/her family with information from public and private entities. If any misleading information or omission, corresponding regulatory sanctions shall be applied.

Reclassification of tuition categories

In the case where the economic situation may be affected by a significant change or decline, students will be able to request a new evaluation that shall also include the academic performance of the student.