General information of available places

All available places at PUCP are granted pursuant to the provisions of Article 98 of the University Law, through public competition after available places are established and written or oral tests are applied.

Universities determine the number of available places, with the following exceptions:

  1. Students with a degree or Graduate students.
  2. Students who have passed at least four semi-annual terms or two annual terms or completed seventy-two (72) credits.
  3. The first two (2) places in the order of merit of secondary schools, from each region, nationwide.
  4. Outstanding athletes, accredited as such by the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD).
  5. People with disabilities are entitled to 5% of the available places offered in their admission procedures.

In the case of these modalities, the university demands applicants to be subject to evaluation processes that must be passed to grant admission.

Available places require a minimum score

The university offers admission modalities in which applicants should reach minimum scores and comply with other conditions to compete for available places. There may be applicants with high scores that are left out because they did not reach an available place or there may be more available places if there are not enough evaluated students with the minimum score.

The types of admission are:

  • Admission by CEPREPUC
  • PRONABEC Scholarships (requirement: in order to apply for the scholarships, the candidate must meet the conditions of application established by PRONABEC; in addition, he/she must have passed an academic requisite previously established and communicated by PUCP).
  • People with disabilities (requirement: achieve a score equal to or greater than the last one admitted to their unit by First Choice®, by Evaluation of Natural Ability® or by Exempted, as applicable). Benefit: they are granted a bonus of 5% on their final score. In case of blind people, the bonus is 20%.

School of Arts & Design and School of Performing Arts

At the time of registration, applicants can only choose one academic program, corresponding to the School of their interest. The following must be fulfilled:

  1. To achieve a minimum score on the admission exam:

– 500 points for the applicants to Arts & Design.
– 450 points for applicants to Performing Arts.

  1. To take the art aptitude tests*

These tests evaluate your capacity and potential for Arts & Design or Performing Arts studies. Also, you should have an interview in which professors try to find out your motivations in the artistic field.

These tests are organized only once a year (February), except in the case of Music major, and they are open to all applicants who want to study Arts & Design or Performing Arts and who have applied through all modalities of admission to PUCP. In addition, students who request an internal transfer to one of these schools can also apply.

  1. You must reach an available place within your School

After the corresponding tests, your artistic results are published. Scores allow us to organize a table of merit so admission is granted according to the order and available places.

Students who do not pass the artistic tests and have an optimum performance in the academic aptitude test will be able to choose a second major in General Studies – Arts.

* Students who do not show up for artistic tests lose admission to university.

Reassignment of available places

The places for the Fe y Alegría scholarship, R.P. Jorge Dintilhac SS.CC scholarship. and PRONABEC Scholarship that are not covered will be assigned to the Evaluation of Natural Ability® or Exempted, after the admission exam has taken place

Available places coverage

Some admitted students do not enroll. Thus, after enrollment, the university publishes, for a single time, an additional list of admitted students, according to the score and order of merit, to cover the available places left in each unit. This procedure is only applied in the Evaluation of Natural Ability®.