Tuition fees systems


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) is committed to the training of Peruvian intellectual capital. Therefore, it is addressed to young people looking for excellence in education, willing to undertake undergraduate studies with enthusiasm, dedication, intellectual curiosity and initiative.

PUCP is considered the best private university of the country thanks to its outstanding education. A variety of national surveys acknowledge these results.

In an international scope, it is considered within the best universities of Latin America, as stated in different rankings carried out outside Peru. Therefore, more than 500 foreign students study at PUCP every year.

The renowned national and international prestige is the result of continuous investment to improve our infrastructure and to count with the most advanced technologies in our laboratories and other resources. As a result, our faculty and students have at their disposal the necessary tools for study and research. This investment is financed, partially, by the university revenues from tuition fees.

PUCP is one of the few private universities in Peru whose budget does not only rely on students tuition fees (or government contributions, like other Latin American Catholic universities). The budget for academic activities is covered with other sources of income that our university needs to generate in order to achieve its institutional mission. Currently, undergraduate student tuition fees represent just 40% of the total budget.