President’s welcome words

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP, by its Spanish acronym) would like to give you a warm welcome. We are a community of faculty, students, staff and alumni founded in 1917, recognized by its educational model, academic quality, investigations and social projection towards Peruvian and regional communities. Thanks to the effort of different generations of professors, students and alumni, we have become the number one University in Peru. We are considered among the best 20 universities in Latin America and among the 500 most important universities around the world.

Our mission is to promote human development through education. We believe that one of the main ways, if not the only one, to boost equal opportunities for women and men is quality education. Therefore, we permanently strive for improving our pedagogical standards, having the best faculty, fostering relevant research, increasing our technological heritage and infrastructure and, especially, expecting the most of our students so they can become outstanding professionals and scholars. PUCP ethos is to achieve quality performance.

Our university is characterized by its solidarity model. Thus, we have nine tuition fee categories. We also offer more than two thousand scholarships, apart from partial scholarships to students within the lowest category. As a Catholic and Christian university, solidarity is one of the core principles of our mission, as well as mutual tolerance, respect, upholding justice, democracy and encouragement of liberties.

We have positioned ourselves as a university of academic excellence in accordance with international standards. We are committed to our country.  We aim to be recognized as one of the best teaching and multi/interdisciplinary research centers which promotes science, humanities and culture; as well as an institution defending democratic values and human rights; and an advocate for sustainable development, responsible use of natural resources and environmental preservation.

We have reached a leadership and prestige status thanks to these foundations that, over one hundred years of institutional life, have allowed us to promote academic and scientific development in this country. Throughout these years, we have experienced different situations, favorable and adverse, where the university has played a social role relevant to the development and democracy in Peru. Therefore, PUCP is a solid institution with clear ethical principles.  Accordingly, we will make our voices heard when we deem necessary and we reassure our commitment to society.

Efraín Gonzales de Olarte
President pro tempore at PUCP